The Sheepstealers. Learned from Voice Squad, adapted and played on a spaced-out sine wave.


Karst fields of Sieben Hengste (Habkern, Switzerland). Ancient Shores of Tethys. Long forgotten creatures and legends. A mythical wild place.

Studio Setup


Ableton Live


Omnisphere (Luftrum 14): LucentVoyage
Prophet-12: ZeroTime
Serum: Sine wave
Omnisphere (Luftrum 14): MindChanger


Pigments (Dash Glitch): ForestyTweets2
PhasePlant (Dash Glitch): BPFWavetable3
Serum (Dash Glitch): PluckyArp
Hive: DreamyEchoes2
Hive: BlackForest
Omnisphere (PlugInGuru Airwave): Psytrance Torsion 1
Serum (Ghosthack PsyAwakening 2): Timewave 1
Serum (Ghosthack PsyAwakening 2): Lunatic
DiscoveryPro (Psy FM): Long FM 06
Serum (own patch)
Serum (Glitch Automaton Vol 1): Forest Seq 2
1 Sample from Klaada Tribal Ceremony
Operator Preset from Klaada Tribal Ceremony
Serum (Klaada Tribal Ceremony): Hrskavi Neuro Bass


1 Sample from EarthMoments Voice of India
1 Sample from Singomakers Astral Psytrance

Guitarish Sounds

Samples from Audiomodern Opacity


Massive: FoundationRoots


Main Beat: Samples from Samplephonics Roots Revival
Fills: Samples from Loopmasters Irievibrations



Spire: SnapV
Komplete: Maverick
Zebra (ReOrder Signature Basslines 1): 7 Colors Mid Bass
Zion_Rhodes Sample from Loopmasters Irievibrations
Sax Skank Sample from Dubmatix Automatic Reggae


Zebra (Luftrum 13): Distant Shore Ep
Padshop: BlueSkies
Omnisphere (Luftrum Expanse): Kinesthetic


Ableton Ping Pong Delay
Ableton Reverb
Ableton AutoFilter
Ableton Overdrive
ValhallaDelay (for general Reverb)
Ableton Autopan and ValhallaÜbermod for Voices
Fabfilter Timeless 2 (for Shiva Voice and Sine Arp)
Soundtoys PhaseMistress (for Maverick)

Mixing/Mastering Utilities

MeterPlugs Dynameter
Youlean Loudness Meter 2
bx_control V2
Fabfilter Pro-L2, Pro-Q3, Pro-C2, Pro-MB

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